About me

IMG_0034Bruce is a freelance journalist and writer covering political, medical, business, travel, literary and conservation issues through feature writing, press releases and breaking news. He is also a copy editor, proofreader and sub editor for national and international publications and offers writing and editing services to anyone writing or publishing in the English language.

He is a member of the Professional Editors’ Guild, the Professional Journalists’ Association, and a professional member of PEN South Africa. He was formerly vice chairman, treasurer and executive administrator of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA) and currently serves as a Master member of the Association.

Notes on an incipient website
Please note this website was started only recently and needs extensive content added to it, which I shall undertake gradually in the months ahead. But progress will be slow as I can work on it only when I’m not busy.

In the poetry section I have included some of my own poetry and will add to that category from time to time. Also I have started to include what I consider to be some of the finest poetry written in English. Unfortunately, space limitations and time will prevent me from publishing the full selection but I hope I can be sufficiently critical to include at least some of the finest.