As a professional journalist and writer, I accept commissions to undertake research and write on almost any topic. This would include interviews, if necessary. Work I’ve done for clients has included the following areas of interest:

  • advertising copy
  • alternative medicine and healing
  • automotive history
  • business and financial reports
  • conservation
  • corporate communications (letters, memos, tenders, mission statements)
  • cultural history and events
  • DIY
  • economics
  • education
  • finance
  • ghost writing feature articles and short stories
  • human interest
  • leisure and lifestyle
  • literary adjudication
  • literary reviews and essays
  • mining
  • motivational briefs (personal and corporate)
  • parenting (all aspects from prenatal to teenage years)
  • physical and mental health
  • poetry
  • politics
  • press releases
  • renewable energy
  • restaurant reviews
  • résumés (curriculum vitae)
  • travel
  • vision disorders



Writing contains many variables, making it impossible here to determine a fixed price for a project. Only after discussing and establishing a client’s requirements can a fixed quote be submitted; so please contact me via email for this purpose.

International readers please note that this website has been written in UK English. Editing in US English will be undertaken if requested by a client.


Editing a document can be done either on screen or on hard copy. On-screen editing is handled in the following way:

  • Work submitted via PDF is annotated with text mark-up and commenting tools, or by using stamps designed to replicate the BSI (British Standards Institution) standard proofreading marks.
  • MS Word documents are marked with revision tracking (‘track changes’).
  • If acceptable, a PDF document can be converted to MS Word format and marked with revision tracking (‘track changes’).
  • Website pages may be changed using a content management system (CMS) or by adapting any of the above methods.

On paper, BSI standard proofreading marks will be used.

I copy-edit, proofread or carry out both simultaneously. Copy editing alters text to improve the quality or clarity of the writing, while proofreading focuses on the following:

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • ambiguity
  • house style
  • design and typography
  • headings
  • running heads and page numbers
  • captions and illustrations (internal consistency across references, bullets, numbers, contents lists)

I have edited novels, short stories, theses, scientific and corporate reports, website content and magazine and newspaper feature articles.