Defining and Taking Love to New Heights

Author and philosopher, Dario Salas Sommer (pseudonym John Baines), has written a captivating and erudite novel called The Science of Love, which sets out to examine and define love’s true meaning and how it can be corrupted or elevated by a man and a woman in an intimate relationship.

Sommer brings a profound insight and wisdom to his work that takes it beyond just a psychological commentary and into practical ways in which a man and a woman can achieve one of the human being’s deepest desires, the awakening of True Love.

Here are two excerpts from the book:

‘There are many ways man allows himself to be guided by his instincts. Man is not taught the need to care for his emotions and imagination in the same way bodily cleanliness is taught, nor has he been told that he needs to take lessons in love. Normally, passionate and amorous feelings are allowed to flow and fuse between a loving couple, who give themselves to the delight of the experience of their sensations. The results of these experiences however, are often far from satisfactory, as today’s high rate of divorce and separation shows. Official statistics do not take into account couples who are unhappy, ill-suited, or who are kept together through convenience, habit, religious obligation, or to spare their children a separation.

‘Fruitfulness in love is not measured by the production of children, but by the level of communication, tenderness, friendship and happiness of body and soul. The true and rarely achieved aim of the human couple, is a union of souls which leads both spouses to the highest desires of both. The union of body and emotion only, is a possessive approach to the marital contract, and its mutual obligations are only an artificial attempt to bind two people. The less love there is between two beings, the more rules, obligations, vows and conventions are needed to keep them together … [An approach] that advocates union through true love, not through social or personal convention, nor through the fleeting mirage of ardent passion [is needed]. When the human being understands and practices union through genuine love, humanity will have found the right path to human perfection.’

Taken from The Science of Love by John Baines (Dario Salas Sommer)

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